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Raw Dog Bones

Raw bones for dogs are filled with marrow. It is the substance in the bone cavity. Suitable raw bones and treats for dogs can be ribs, knuckles, femurs, feet, tails, necks, carcasses,

Do not underestimate the benefits of raw bones.
Below are the benefits of giving raw bones to your dogs:

  • Teeth cleaning:

When dogs chew on a bone, it helps remove tartar and calculus from teeth, minimising the chances of developing gum disease.

The buildup of tartar or calculus can encourage plague to enter under the gum line. This would cause inflammation (gingivitis).

In the long run, this will lead to body infection.Unlike Rawhide chews, raw bones are natural, non-processed and chemical-free.

  • Mental stimulation:

Did you know that chewing on bones is natural for dogs? Their ancestor kill their prey and do the same, too! With their innate desire to chew, commonly seen in puppies, bones can act as a positive outlet for their chewing.

Thus, they will be less likely to act out and cause destruction at home. Bone chewing can also exhaust them more. This is good for busy dog parents that have little time for outdoor activities with them.

Recreational Bones vs Bone Meal in Raw Dog Food?

Bone meals contain beneficial nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and other trace minerals for dogs. However, recreational bones should not replace bone meals.

Feeding Raw Dog Bones

Raw bones are sold and kept frozen. So, make sure they are frozen right up till you serve your doggie.

It is important to buy bones that are ideal for their size. The right size of bone can enhance their chewing experience.

Feeding your dog outside or on a towel. When it’s winter time, you may lay a towel in a crate to feed indoors.

It is not a good idea giving your dog a bone daily as they should be treated like a snack. We recommend 1- 2 times a week. Too many raw bones could cause gastrointestinal (GI) upset leading to diarrhoea.

Closely supervise your dogs while they are chewing so that you can remove small pieces of bones that they bite off. This can avoid choking.

Note: Do no give your dogs cooked bones because they will splinter and damage your dog’s system!

Raw Dog treats

Dog owners can use raw dog treats as a form of reward during training sessions. Besides, you may use them to praise good behaviours in dogs.

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